Cloud Migration: Meierelektro

Completed in: 2023


Recently, we finished a project for one of our customers, Meierelektro – a Switzerland-based electrical installation company. Through several steps, we helped them modernize their IT infrastructure and migrate their operations to the cloud per their needs and budget. Now Meierelektro has a scalable, safe solution for their operations, including their powerful graphics application.

Original Situation

A dated setup with the potential for devastating problems.

Meierelektro operates across five locations and originally housed all servers in the central office. The setup was a standard server/client infrastructure concept where the data is stored on an in-house server, and all the applications are on the client devices. Because the backup and main servers were in the same location, there was a significant risk of the company being unable to work properly if there was a power or internet failure at the main location and a risk of losing all data if something happened to the main location itself.

Several of Meierelektro’s employees regularly worked with a CAD program that needed too many resources to be hosted on the main server – and thus had to be installed on physical devices, which limited the locations where the program could be run. The company could not establish a home office setup without a significant cost increase because of the needed power with the CAD program and the main server location.


A modern upgrade to take the company into the future.

After explaining the benefits of migrating to a cloud infrastructure, Meierelektro wanted to take the next step and bring its infrastructure to the cloud. To save costs, we split their operations into two cloud-based servers – a remote desktop for standard office workloads and a high-end graphics server for the CAD application. We decided to separate the servers because graphics servers are expensive in the cloud. With this set up, the graphics server can be adjusted depending on how many users need it, while the other operations can be stored on a lower-cost standard server.

We migrated the backup to the Amazon S3 cloud storage platform. This platform allows the data to be stored safely while remaining easily accesible, adjustable, and affordable.


With the new cloud infrastructure, employees only need a small cost-effective thin client to connect to the cloud server. Branches are also no longer dependent on the main location, and employees have the potential to work from home. Additionally, the company can also save costs if employees leave by downsizing the server or scaling the server up for additional employees and needs.

Hosting servers and applications in the cloud is incredibly beneficial to any company looking for a modernized IT setup. This means that employees can access it from anywhere – all while remaining within a reasonable budget. Ready to join Meirelektro in modernizing your IT infrastructure? Contact us today!

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