Cloud Computing

We are quickly moving towards a more digital world, and it’s essential for companies to keep up in order to remain competitive.

Topics like the Cloud, IoT, Big Data, and the Blockchain are typically too complex for internal IT resources. The team at Fogbyte has extensive knowledge of cloud integration. We support and consult our customers to help them define a tailored strategy for the future of their IT systems.

Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services can help you move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. Fogbyte can help you manage your AWS programs to simplify services, manage costs, and support your Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) management goals.

As a certified and established AWS partner, we specialize in the design, implementation, management, and 24/7 operation of your cloud infrastructure.

Web Application Hosting
Big Data
Fault Tolerance and High Availability
Disaster Recovery

Highly available and scalable web hosting can be complex and expensive. AWS provides the reliable, scalable, secure, and high-performance infrastructure required for web applications and enables an elastic scale-out and scale-down infrastructure to match IT costs in real time as customer traffic fluctuates.

AWS supports large-scale computing scenarios such as scientific computing, simulation, and research projects. These scenarios involve large data sets collected from scientific equipment and measurement devices. After being collected, these data sets need to be analyzed by large-scale computer software. The collected data can be available instantaneously and can be made available to a larger audience. 

AWS provides services and infrastructure to build reliable, fault-tolerant, and accessible systems in the cloud. Amazon’s cloud services offers infrastructure building blocks that may not be fault tolerant on their own, but when combined, they achieve fault tolerance and high availability. 

Maintaining an extensive product catalog and a global customer base can be challenging. With AWS, you can build a highly accessible e-commerce website with a flexible product catalog that scales with your business. These catalogs can be searchable, and individual product pages can contain information sets that include images, PDF manuals, customer reviews, and more.

Disaster recovery is about preparing for, and recovering from, any event that negatively impacts your IT systems. One typical approach to disaster preparedness involves duplicating infrastructure to ensure the availability of spare capacity in the event of a disaster. AWS allows you to scale up your infrastructure as needed for a disaster recovery solution that results in significant cost savings. 

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform that operates data centers worldwide and supports all languages. It offers over 200 products and cloud services that help your business access and manage applications from anywhere. Azure supports developers and IT professionals to build, deploy, and manage applications using a variety of programming languages.

Virtual Machines
Kubernetes Services

Virtual machines can be described as a “computer within a computer.” They allow you to migrate physical servers onto an already-existing computer and back it up to the cloud. With virtual machines from Microsoft Azure, you can ensure efficiency in your operations and reduce costs by reducing your physical infrastructure.

Kubernetes is open-source software available to deploy and manage different containers, which are software units that can run a software program, workload, or task. If you manage containerized applications, Kubernetes can help you simplify them and make sure they run in the most efficient way possible. With Azure Kubernetes Services, you can quickly begin creating and deploying cloud-native apps.

With Microsoft Azure, you can aggregate all your data in one place and use big data analytics for the best insights. Combine the collection with machine learning tools to predict future insights and gather real-time insights.

Azure provides end-to-end backup and recovery solutions to ensure that your data stays protected and secure in the case of any disaster. It also provides a Zero Trust approach to security that performs network segmentation, intelligent threat protection, and traffic encryption to confirm your data is safe and secure.


Fogbyte can help your development team be more productive and agile throughout the DevOps lifecycle. Our team works closely with your developers to optimize your infrastructure and help pick the right tools and framework.

  • Continuous Delivery

    Continuous delivery, which is the practice of producing software in small batches, helps you deliver your applications to the production environment faster. Thanks to modern development and test concepts and a high level of automation, your product will also benefit from more safety and quality.

  • Container virtualization

    Container virtualization, or running software applications on virtual hardware, gives you more flexibility for development and allows you to roll out new applications or patches much faster. We support you in advising and creating your container infrastructure.

  • Testing

    We help you develop automated unit and system tests for your application so that you can save time and replace manual testing. These tests are repeatable and accurate.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is an essential part of continuous delivery. It defines and deploys infrastructure with a descriptive model. IaC can represent your complete IT infrastructure as networks, load balancers, and virtual machines and allows for a repeatable model each time it is deployed  – making your IT infrastructure flexible, repeatable, and scalable.

Software as a Service or SaaS

Are you a software manufacturer and want to offer your application via a SaaS model from the cloud? Fogbyte can help!

Benefits of SaaS for you as a software manufacturer:

  • New markets and additional revenue

  • Additional analyses of the product’s use

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Offer a one-click trial license to your customers

  • Reduced software piracy

Advantages for your customers:

  • Ease of implementation

  • Resource costs

  • Scalability and Integrations

  • Access to innovation

  • Ability to try before buying

  • Receive new releases without upgrading the infrastructure

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