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Why is quality Wi-Fi so important?

Guest expectations for hotel Wi-Fi continue to escalate with guests frequently using more than one device at a time. Furthermore, the quality of Wi-Fi has become a pivotal factor influencing booking decisions. This underscores the importance of deploying a robust system capable of accommodating multiple devices per guest while upholding standards of speed, quality, and security. 

Maintaining pace with these demands is increasingly vital for hotel management, but it poses a challenge for in-house teams.

With Fogbyte, your guests enjoy
optimized connectivity and effortless compatibility across all devices.

We can set up one single Wi-Fi name, or create multiple throughout different floors and buildings. Enhance your front desk operations with our LAN systems, ensuring optimal connectivity at every touchpoint. We work to empower you to stay in control with our intuitive dashboard, so you can manage your system easily. But, if any issues arise, our team is able to provide round-the-clock support, ensuring uninterrupted reliability. With Fogbyte, connectivity worries become a thing of the past.

Do you need to provide Wi-Fi connectivity for event attendees?

Scale your connection and guarantee all attendees experience optimal internet access for the duration of the event. We can setup a temporary voucher system so the event stays online while maintaining security for all your guests.

Who we work with

We are experts in using industry-leaders Aruba Networking and Ubiquiti Wi-Fi. The team at Fogbyte is well-equipped to help you choose the most advantageous infrastructure for your establishment. 


Aruba Networking, the networking subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, provides AI-powered, secure networking. Its access points and controllers provide seamless connectivity

Ubiquiti’s UniFi Wi-Fi offers scalable solutions for internet access with superior performance. Its centralized management system allows for robust solutions to fit guest demands.

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