Transition to Cloud

Move your Application to the Cloud, we can help you!

You are a software manufacturer and want to offer your applications via a SaaS model from the cloud?

We have the necessary know-how to accomplish this.

Advantages from a “Software as a Service” for you as software manufacturer

  • New markets and additional revenue
  • Additional analyses of the use of the product
  • Reduced time to benefit, rapid prototyping
  • Offer a one-click trial license to your customers
  • Reduced software piracy

Advantages from a “Software as a Service” model for your customers

  • Time to value and ease of implementation
  • Resource costs
  • Scalability and Integrations
  • Access to innovation
  • Ability to try before buying
  • Receive new releases without upgrading the infrastructure

Contact us today and start with a prof of concept.

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