SMB Networks

A stable, scalable und safe network infrastructure is key to meet the capacity requirements for BYOD, IoT devices, smartphones, and tablets. We interconnect for you various branches across the world (IPSECVPN or Point-to-Point over Dark Fiber) and setup LAN/WAN network infrastructures in your offices to guarantee best possible network coverage. We enable remote working capabilities for your employees to improve flexibility. We make sure internal and important external communication is safe and encrypted and protect your network infrastructure from external threats. With our expert network knowledge, we realize scalable and high-performance network infrastructures based on your needs and provide support on top with our Fogbyte Services.

We are happy to support you on the following topics:

  • Installation and expansion of LAN infrastructure (switches, routers)
  • Installation and expansion of wireless networks (WLAN/Wifi)
  • Protecting corporate infrastructure through firewalls
  • Connecting multiple locations or individual workplaces
  • VPN access for mobile users and remote offices
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