Online Meeting with Teams

Working in home office or on the go, more and more people benefit from flexible workplaces. We would like to bring you closer to Microsoft Teams so that you can keep in touch with your colleagues at any time and from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams enables you and your work colleagues to focus communication on one tool. Regardless of whether you have to work on a common document with a colleague, want to briefly send the details of a new project via chat, or whether you need to hold a brief meeting for two or up to 250 people. All of this and much more is possible through Microsoft Teams.


Respond to inquiries from your colleagues on the go. Teamwork is strengthened and colleagues do not have to wait as long for an answer.


Start a video conference with your colleagues or external customers who do not have a Microsoft Office account with a simple click. With Microsoft Teams, it doesn’t matter where and how far apart they are.


Edit and save your documents directly in Microsoft Teams. All team members can view and edit the files. The hectic search and sending of the latest documents is no longer necessary.


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