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There are only a few requirements that must be met to enable home office. The basis for mobile work is a remote access to the company network or the cloud infrastructure as well as a stable internet connection in the company. On the go, however, it is usually sufficient to use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot. A reliable IT environment in the company is essential to ensure that work from home office or on the go is efficient. However, these requirements can be easily implemented with today’s technical infrastructure.

Fogbyte home office packages

With Fogbyte Home Office packages, we enable your employees to work from home and on the go. The setup is simple and can be integrated into your existing infrastructure. We offer you three different options to enable your employees to work from home.

VPN-Tunnel into the company network

This option is the most common and cheapest solution. External access is established from a laptop or computer via VPN tunnel into the company network. The client can access all services and data on the company servers, just as if you were in the office. A firewall is required to set up external access. If a Fortinet or Sophos firewall already exists, it can be reused.

Workspace in the cloud

In this option, the desktop is migrated from local clients to the cloud. This migration makes it possible for any client, whether from home or from the office, to access the familiar work enviroment. This option is not only attractive for home office, but can also be used if you frequently use different devices. You can always work with the same user interface.

Infrastructure in the cloud

This option not only simplifies access for home offices but also enables cost savings and a reduction on support costs for IT hardware. Through our collaboration with AWS, we are able to migrate your entire server infrastructure to the cloud and host it in 17 regions worldwide. The changeover to the cloud infrastructure means that hardware costs for internal servers are eliminated, so that only software support is required. It is also possible for every employee to have external access. Learn more about AWS: Managed AWS Cloud


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