We make you more productive

We help your development teams to be more productive and agile. With continuous delivery, container virtualization, test automation and infrastructure as a code, we provide you support within the full DevOps lifecycle. Our team works close with your developers to optimize the technical infrastructure and help them choose the right tools and frameworks.

Continuous Delivery

With the principles of continuous delivery, you can deliver your applications to the production environment faster. Thanks to modern development and test concepts and a high level of automation, your product also gets more safety and quality.

Container virtualization

The use of container virtualization gives you more flexibility for the development and allows you to rollout new applications or patches faster. We support you in advising and creating your container infrastructure.


We help you to develop an automation of unit and system tests for your application so that the manual testing can be replaced. Repeatability and accuracy are factors that speak to the integration of test automation.

Infrastructure as a Code

With Infrastructure as Code, virtual machines can be managed on the program level, so that individual hardware components no longer needs to be manually configured and updated. This makes your IT infrastructure very flexible, repeatable and scalable. Infrastructure as code defines the configuration of the infrastructure in a script. Means that Applications can contain scripts that create and orchestrate their own virtual infrastructure.

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) is a fundamental part of cloud computing and DevOps.

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