Oktober 10, 2019


Our customer “Immobilien Leben GmbH” is a swiss based real estate company. The employees are travelling everday to visit propertys and for meet-ups with clients. Therefore remote work with access to internal company data and applications is essential.


The customers desires a solution where independent from device type or location, secure access to data and application is guranteed. It’s a key requirement to avoid any local infrastructure installations to keep the administrative effort as low as possible.


After analyzing the actual setup we elaborated a tailored concept and realized everything in the AWS Cloud. We prepared a Windows 2016 Server and installed the Remote Desktop layer on top of it. With the user management on RDS ( Remote Desktop Services) it was possible to provide a virtual enviroment for every user while keeping the data separated.

AWS Cloud services are available at any time around world (requires a stable internet connection and a RDP capable device). The flexibility of AWS was a big selling point. The infrastructure can be managed and extended easily based on new requirements from our customer.